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  • August 14, 2017
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NHK gave top play to a report that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Dunford is expected to visit Japan this week to discuss North Korea. TV Asahi led with a report that President Trump’s comment that the North Korean threat will boost the number of tourists in Guam is causing controversy. TBS gave top play to a report that Japan won a bronze medal in the men’s 4×100 meters relay at the World Athletics Championships in London. NTV led with a report on an incident in which an ANA flight to Itami had to return to Haneda and make an emergency landing on Sunday due to a low pressure warning.


Major front-page items in national papers included Japanese athletes’ performance in the World Athletics Championships in London, a GOJ plan to maintain a ban on gambling for people under the age 20, and updates on the situation in North Korea.  

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