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Audio recordings reveal truth about Imperial Army’s Unit 731

  • August 13, 2017
  • , NHK
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The ruins of a boiler building on the site of Unit 731.

Sunday’s “NHK Special” reported on Unit 731, which was a covert biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that undertook lethal human experimentation during the WWII. Unit 731 was based in Harbin, the largest city in Manchuria. NHK obtained audio recordings of the Khabarovsk War Crime Trials in 1949, in which members of the unit gave detailed accounts of how they conducted experiments on people mainly from China and the former Soviet Union. The program also said it found documents showing that not only military personnel but also many elite medical scientists and researchers were members of the unit, adding that it was believed at the time that even medical scientists needed to “work for the country.”

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