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William Hagerty, a businessman-turned-envoy with deep understanding of Japan

Saturday morning’s Nikkei ran a profile of Ambassador Hagerty. The paper wrote that Ambassador Hagerty has been active since his arrival in Tokyo as the 30th U.S. ambassador to Japan on Aug. 17, noting that he has already held talks with Prime Minister Abe and Foreign Minister Kono and visited such places as Meiji Shrine and the Suntory Museum of Art with his family. The paper quoted Koichi Hori, who worked with Ambassador Hagerty at the Boston Consulting Group in the late 1980s, as saying: “He is mild-mannered, sincere, and trustworthy.” State of Tennessee Japan Office Representative Yamaguchi was quoted as saying that Ambassador Hagerty, who served as the commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development for the State of Tennessee from 2011-2015, was successful in inviting Japanese investment in the state with his deep understanding of Japan’s business culture.

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