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SDF Osprey deployment in Saga hits snag

  • August 29, 2017
  • , Mainichi
  • JMH Summary

Mainichi reported that a Defense Ministry plan to base GSDF MV-22s at Saga Airport has run into difficulties due to strong opposition by local fishermen in the vicinity, many of whom harbor deep distrust of the central government over a decades-long dispute concerning a land reclamation project in the area. As some 560 fishermen are reportedly alarmed about the potential disruption to their livelihoods again by a major public work project pursued by the central government, the ministry is failing to acquire land adjacent to the airport as planned. The recent fatal USMC Osprey crash off Australia, coupled with the shallow water landing of the same model in Okinawa late last year, has also made the local opponents even more cautious about endorsing the deployment initiative. The ministry, however, has no intention to give up on the Osprey deployment since the tilt-rotor planes are expected to be used for airlifting GSDF amphibious personnel to be assigned at a base in neighboring Nagasaki Prefecture.

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