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LDP’s Komura says constitutional revision draft will be presented next year

Liberal Democratic Party Vice-President Masahiko Komura indicated in a speech he delivered in Yokohama on Aug. 29 that [the party] aims to present a constitutional revision draft to the next ordinary Diet session and to propose amending the Constitution next year, saying that “we may join hands with several parties to present the draft but we want to submit an outline of constitutional revisions next year.”


Before the Tokyo assembly election, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated that he would seek to “enforce a new Constitution in 2020.” Komura’s remarks in his recent speech showcased that party discussions on the subject will be coordinated with an eye on this goal.  


Komura delivered the speech at a seminar organized by the Aso faction. In June, Abe noted: “I hope to see the LDP present its draft at the extraordinary Diet session.” Regarding this, Komura explained: “This does not mean the party will present a draft. If we can reach an intraparty consensus, we will share our ideas with the Constitution committees in both chambers of parliament and use it as a basis for discussions with other parties.”  


On Sept. 12, the LDP Headquarters for the Promotion of Revision to the Constitution (chaired by former Justice Minister Okiharu Yasuoka) will convene a general meeting, that had been postponed due to changes in members, and resume discussion on Article 9. (Abridged)

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