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PM Abe, ROK President Moon agree to cooperate closely on North Korea

NHK reported this morning that Prime Minister Abe held talks with his South Korean counterpart Moon in Russia on Thursday morning, saying that the two leaders confirmed close bilateral cooperation toward an early adoption of a new UN Security Council sanctions resolution against North Korea. During their second summit that lasted for about 50 minutes, Abe reportedly said the threat of North Korea’s repeated provocations has become more serious than ever, and expressed hope that Japan and South Korea, and Japan, South Korea, and the U.S. will continue to work together closely. Moon reportedly responded by saying that close cooperation has become more necessary than ever since the people of both Japan and South Korea are very worried about North Korea’s repeated provocations. In addition, Abe said he hopes to build a future-oriented Japan-ROK relationship by promoting exchanges in various sectors. Moon reportedly expressed hope to begin concrete discussions on various sectors, including economic cooperation, in addition to the North Korean nuclear issue. All commercial networks carried similar stories.  

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