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Gist of Japan-ROK summit on Sept. 7

The following is the gist of the Japan-ROK summit meeting on Sept. 7, based on the briefings given by the two governments:


Opening remarks


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: Repeated provocative actions by North Korea pose an unprecedented, grave and major threat. I hope to continue close coordination between Japan and South Korea and among Japan, South Korea and the U.S. Through the promotion of exchanges in various areas, I hope we will build a new, future-oriented Japan-South Korea relationship.


President Moon Jae-in: Close coordination between the two countries has become even more critical in light of the North Korean nuclear issue. Besides having in-depth discussions about a response to the North Korean issue, I want to begin concrete talks on ways to achieve substantive cooperation in such areas as the economy.


North Korea


Abe/Moon: There is a need to take steps toward applying stronger pressure [on North Korea.] We will seek a tougher UN Security Council resolution to impose sanctions on North Korea and continue to cooperate between Japan and South Korea and among Japan, South Korea, and the U.S., including calling for support from China and Russia.


Abe: The international community is calling for more pressure [on North Korea.] Japan, the U.S., and South Korea need to take steps toward applying pressure of a different dimension. Defense cooperation between Japan and South Korea is important to enhance deterrence and response capabilities. Security and defense cooperation between Japan, the U.S. and South Korea continue to be necessary.


Moon: It’s important to prevent the situation on the Korean Peninsula from further worsening and getting out of control. South Korea and Japan must cooperate with the international community and apply maximum sanctions and pressure to make North Korea give up missile and nuclear programs, while seeking peaceful solutions.


Compensation for forced labor


Abe: The issue has been resolved and settled under a 1965 bilateral accord.


Comfort women issue


Abe: The steady implementation of the Japan-South Korea agreement is important.


Bilateral relationship


Abe/Moon: We will build a new, future-oriented Japan-South Korea relationship.


Reciprocal visits


Abe: I’d like to host a summit between Japanese, Chinese and South Korean leaders at an early date later this year with Mr. Moon in attendance.


Moon: I’d like to invite the prime minister to the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

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