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Court rejects American father’s request to hand over son abducted by mother

Saturday morning’s Nikkei wrote that a Toyama family court has turned down an American father’s claim that his son be returned to him since his Japanese ex-wife took the child away without his consent. The father disclosed the court decision at a press conference in Tokyo on Friday. According to the father, the couple got married in 2003 and divorced in 2008, and the mother returned to Japan in 2010 with their six-year-old son after obtaining a passport for him by falsely claiming that his previous one had been lost. The court deemed that the child wishes to continue living in Japan, judging that he would be deprived of a peaceful life if he were turned over to the father and that would not be in his best interest. However, the court chastised the mother for cutting off the children’s ties with his father and urged her to try to improve their relations. Sankei and Asahi ran similar reports, adding the court turned down separate requests from the father and mother to give them “custodial” status.

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