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Debate on U.S. “nuclear umbrella” growing in Japan

Saturday morning’s Nikkei wrote that in response to North Korea’s accelerated nuclear and missile development, debate is growing in Japan about the U.S. “nuclear umbrella” out of concern over whether Washington will uphold its commitment to defend its allies with nuclear force as its own defense interests loom larger. The paper wrote that although both Japan and South Korea are discussing the possibility of allowing U.S. nuclear arms to be brought into their nations to enhance deterrence against North Korea, it would probably be difficult to obtain public understanding for the idea. The paper also wrote that it is unlikely that U.S. nuclear weapons will be permitted to be brought into Japan and South Korea because the governments of the U.S., Japan, and South Korea are negative about the idea.


Sunday’s Yomiuri ran a similar story saying that concern is growing among South Koreans over whether the U.S. will defend their nation with its “nuclear umbrella.” The results of an opinion poll conducted in South Korea last week showed that 60% of the respondents agreed with the idea of South Korea acquiring nuclear weapons.

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