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Five DP members mull leaving party

  • September 12, 2017
  • , Tokyo Shimbun , p. 6
  • JMH Translation

Democratic Party President Seiji Maehara disclosed on Sept. 11 that he has instructed Secretary-General Atsushi Oshima to have a talk with the middle-ranking and young lawmakers who are rumored to be thinking of leaving the party within the week. Oshima admitted that five DP members of the House of Representatives are contemplating leaving the party, including Hirofumi Ryu from Kanagawa electoral district no. 9, Shuhei Kishimoto from Wakayama electoral district no. 1, Yuichi Goto from Kanagawa electoral district no. 16, Yoshihiro Suzuki from the Kita Kanto bloc, and Nobuyuki Fukushima from the Kita Kanto bloc. Oshima will talk with the five members as soon as Sept 12.


“I want them to speak their minds directly to party leadership,” Maehara told the press in Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture. “I want to continue working with them if we can share our thoughts.” Oshima said at a press conference, “I want to carefully listen to what they have to say, what their feelings and thoughts are, and whether they really want to leave the party, I will try to persuade them to stay.”

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