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UNSC releases press statement condemning North Korea

  • September 16, 2017
  • , All national papers
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All Saturday papers wrote that the UN Security Council held an emergency meeting at the UN headquarters on Friday following the ballistic missile launch by North Korea that came only three days after the new sanctions resolution was adopted. The council released a press statement condemning the missile launch as “extremely provocative.” Asahi wrote that although the U.S. and Japan are calling for further strengthening sanctions against the North, there are no prospects in sight for stopping North Korea’s provocations. The paper said the positions of the U.S., which thinks more pressure is necessary, and China, which is concerned that the Kim regime will become unstable and favors dialogue, are fundamentally different in terms of their attitudes toward sanctions and how to resolve the issue. The daily said the U.S. believes that UNSC resolutions alone will not resolve the issue and is planning to step up the pressure by also imposing unilateral sanctions against Chinese and Russian companies that are supporting North Korea. Nikkei also wrote that since discussions at the UNSC appear to be in a stalemate, the U.S. is set to increase diplomatic pressure at such venues as the UN General Assembly.

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