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Ambassador Hagerty projects FTA discussions during President’s trip to Japan

Nikkei gave inside-page coverage to an interview with Ambassador Hagerty conducted in Osaka on Monday, during which he expressed hope that progress will be made on discussions on a possible bilateral free trade agreement when President Trump visits Japan in November. The Ambassador reportedly underscored that an FTA will be “very effective” in correcting the trade imbalance. He also identified the LNG sector as an area where the U.S. can increase exports to Japan under a bilateral trade arrangement. Ambassador Hagerty described North Korea and national security issues as a policy priority, noting that although nobody is hoping for the use of military force to resolve the crisis, military options have not been ruled out. On the recent flight by U.S. bombers near North Korea’s eastern border, the Ambassador said it was effective in displaying the existence of military options. While calling the present U.S.-Japan relations “ironclad,” he voiced hope for increased cultural, sports, and educational exchanges across the Pacific.

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