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Political parties spent 29.4 billion yen in government subsidies in 2016, up 13%

  • September 23, 2017
  • , Yomiuri , p. 4
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On Sept. 22, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications released a report on the uses to which government subsidies to political parties were put in 2016. Political parties spent a total of 29.479 billion yen, up by 3.46 billion yen, or 13.3%, from the previous year. Political activities expenses were higher [in 2016] due to the July Upper House election, and this pushed up total expenditures.


A total of 31.974 billion yen was disbursed in government subsidies to nine political parties in 2016. The Japanese Communist Party did not apply for a subsidy.


By political party, the Liberal Democratic Party spent 13.563 billion yen (up by 15.5% from the previous year), the Democratic Party spent 10.46 billion yen (up by 27.8%), and Komeito spent 3.073 billion yen (up by 43.3%).


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