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Koike criticized at Tokyo assembly for founding new party

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Komeito, and others criticized Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike at the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly on Sept. 26 for founding the new Kibo no To [Party of Hope] and becoming its leader. Both ruling and opposition parties questioned her being both the Tokyo governor and the leader of a national party.


Ichiro Akita, secretary general of the LDP Tokyo chapter, represented the party’s caucus in the assembly in voicing opposition to Koike’s wearing two hats and accused her of “not loving and caring for Tokyo enough.”


The LDP has been clashing with Koike over Tokyo’s administration. It suffered a crushing defeat in the Tokyo assembly election in July and is expected to fight against Koike’s Party of Hope in the House of Representatives election.


Takahiko Tanimura, deputy secretary general of the Komeito Tokyo chapter, representing the party’s caucus in the assembly, pointed out that “what Tokyo citizens expect from you is to focus on Tokyo’s administration and promote reforms.” Komeito is a ruling party in the Koike administration. The relation of this party with Koike may suffer if it clashes with the Party of Hope in various constituencies in the Lower House election. Tanimura told Koike: “There are media reports that you are only using Tokyo as a stepping stone, which is very regrettable. We strongly hope that you will work hard for the people of Tokyo.”


Although the LDP and Komeito participated in the representative interpellation, they did not seek responses from Koike, who also did not speak. (Slightly abridged)

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