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Secretary Tillerson to hold talks with top Chinese officials

NHK reported that during his four-day visit to China through Sunday, Secretary of State Tillerson will be meeting with President Xi, State Counsellor Yang, and Foreign Minister Wang, quoting the Secretary as telling the press in Washington on Thursday that he plans to talk to them about the agenda for President Trump’s upcoming visit to China. He went on to say, “We’ll continue our discussions on a number of other issues that are important, and certainly North Korea will be on the table for discussion.” The public broadcaster also took up congressional testimony given on Thursday by Acting Assistant Secretary Thornton, in which she expressed concern about North Korea’s relentless pursuit of capabilities to attack the U.S. mainland with nuclear-armed ballistic missiles. The senior U.S. diplomat, who will be accompanying the Secretary to Beijing, also said that the success of the strategy of pressure against Pyongyang depends on close cooperation from international partners, especially Beijing.   

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