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Ruling, opposition lawmakers discuss upcoming general election

On NHK’s “Nichiyo Toron” Sunday debate show, lawmakers from the ruling and opposition parties discussed the general election to be held on Oct. 22. Pointing out that it is unclear what kind of policies the Party of Hope is planning to implement for the people of Japan, LDP Election Committee Chairman Shionoya and Komeito Deputy Secretary General Takagi stated that their coalition will continue to provide a stable government by winning the upcoming election. Party of Hope lawmaker Wakasa said that his party is aiming to become a group that can go up against the ruling coalition. Concerning the possibility of Tokyo Governor Koike running in the upcoming election, Wakasa said that Koike may run if there is the possibility of the new party taking the reins of government as a result of the election. But Wakasa added that Koike may choose to run in a later election instead of the one on Oct. 22. Japanese Communist Party Election Committee Chairman Kokuta criticized the Party of Hope by saying that it is a mere supplement to the LDP because it supports constitutional revision and the new security laws.

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