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Governors association evaluates political parties’ campaign pledges

The National Governors Association (NGA) on Oct. 8 released the results of its evaluation of the campaign pledges announced by political parties for the upcoming Lower House election. The NGA measured the extent to which the regional policies they have requested are reflected in the campaign pledges on a scale of 100 points. The association gave the highest score of 73.3 to the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), 72.1 to Komeito, and 64.5 to the Party of Hope. Detailed regional revitalization measures aimed at overcoming depopulation and the parties’ stances on constitutional amendment regarding local autonomy contributed to the difference in scores.


The NGA scored the campaign platforms of eight parties. It gave a score of 60.3 to the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDPJ), 60.0 to Nippon Ishin (Japan Innovation Party), 48.8 to the Social Democratic Party (SDP), 33.2 to the Japanese Communist Party (JCP), and 26.5 to the Party for Japanese Kokoro.


The LDP received high marks for its pledges to conduct demonstration trials on the relocation of central government agencies outside of Tokyo and to reform the election system to resolve the issue of merged constituencies of neighboring prefectures for the House of Councillors. The Party of Hope was praised for its plan to make constitutional revisions to promote the decentralization of power. But the NGA pointed out that the party’s policies regarding regional revitalization is insufficient,


When the consumption tax is raised, a larger share of the tax revenue will go to the municipalities. The Party of Hope and Nippon Ishin received negative evaluations regarding the tax hike because they pledged to suspend it.

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