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A record 17.71% of candidates in LH election are women

Of the 1,180 candidates running in the upcoming House of Representatives election, 209 are women, representing 17.71% of the total. This is an increase of 11 over the previous Lower House election in 2014 and the ratio of female candidates is the highest on record in the postwar period.


By political party, the Japanese Communist Party (JCP) fielded 58 female candidates, the highest number; the Party of Hope, 47; the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), 47; and the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDPJ), 19. This is the third largest number of female candidates after the 2009 Lower House election (229) and the 2012 Lower House election (225).


There are 73 female candidates running as independents in this election, or about 1.6 times the number in the last election, exceeding even the number in the 2005 Lower House election called over the issue of postal privatization (70). This is because many incumbent Lower House members decided to run as independents. Of the 73 female independent candidates, 33 are incumbent Lower House members and 21 of them were Democratic Party (DP) members when the Lower House was dissolved.


The number of rookie candidates increased by 26 from the last election to 630, representing 53.39% of the total number of candidates. While the ratio of rookie candidates in the last election was 50.71%, the lowest since the current system of combining single-seat constituencies and proportional representation tickets was introduced, this time the ratio went up by 2.68 percentage points.


By party, the JCP fielded 222 neophytes; the Party of Hope, 124; and the LDP, 44.


There are 450 incumbents running this time, down by 20 from the previous election, while there are also 100 former Lower House members running, down by 17 from the last election.


The average age of the candidates is 52.76 years old. By party, the SDP has the highest average age at 63.62 years;  followed by the LDP, 55.39 years; the JCP, at 53.63 years; the CDPJ, 53.31 years; the Komeito, 52.98 years; the Party of Hope, 49.11 years; Nippon Ishin [Japan Innovation Party], 47.96 years; and Party for Japanese Kokoro, 42 years.

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