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President Trump to deliver foreign policy speech in Seoul

Sunday’s Yomiuri front-paged a report saying that President Trump is planning to make a foreign policy speech in South Korea when he visits there in early November, predicting that he will highlight his administration’s policy of imposing maximum pressure on North Korea. In the address, the U.S. leader is likely to strongly denounce Pyongyang’s relentless provocations, urge the Kim regime to abandon its nuclear and missile development, and reiterate the U.S. defense commitment to Japan and South Korea through extended deterrence. The daily added that the President will deliver a separate Asia policy speech in Vietnam when he attends the annual APEC leaders’ meeting, speculating that he will probably address China’s militarization of the South China Sea and underscore Washington’s resolve to defend freedom of navigation in the area.    


In a related item, Monday’s Asahi wrote that the USG probably will not allow President Trump to visit the DMZ when he goes to South Korea so as to ensure his safety. Some USG officials are concerned that North Korea may be tempted to capitalize on such a visit to take revenge against the President, who has used harsh rhetoric to criticize Kim Jong Un. While the ROK government has reportedly proposed that the President visit Camp Humphreys south of Seoul instead, the article wrote that the U.S. leader may insist on a trip to the DMZ.   

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