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DP members elected as independents in Lower House election to form new floor group

Over a dozen Democratic Party (DP) House of Representatives members who ran as independents in the recent Lower House election have decided to form a new floor group in the Lower House. Former DP President Katsuya Okada, former Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, former Finance Minister Jun Azumi, Lower House member Kenji Eda, and others will join the group. Okada and his colleagues are considering cooperating with the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDPJ), which is gaining momentum.


Lower House member Akio Fukuda will represent this group at the meeting of Lower House floor groups on Oct. 25. Fukuda was endorsed by the CDPJ in the election.


Certain lawmakers joining the new group are also aiming at forming a joint floor group with the CDPJ eventually. However, a veteran lawmaker noted, “Mr. Edano’s statements seem to indicate that it will be difficult to form a joint group within this year. All we can do is to closely watch what they will do next.”

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