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Cabinet Office poll shows Japanese less interested in Senkakus, Takeshima

Saturday morning’s Asahi reported that the Cabinet Office announced on Friday the results of its opinion poll on Senkaku Islands and Takeshima (Liancourt Rocks), which found that the number of people who expressed interest in the Senkakus and Takeshima was the lowest since the survey began in 2013. Only slightly more than 50% of those who were aware of the existence of Senkakus knew that they belong to Okinawa. According to the paper, 62.2% expressed interest in the Senkakus, down 12.4 points from the last survey held in 2014, while 34.8% did not, up 11 points. Regarding Takeshima, 59.8% expressed interest, down 7.6 points, and 37.2% did not, up 6.5 points.

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