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Osprey accident rate surges in recent years

  • October 30, 2017
  • , Mainichi
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Monday’s Mainichi gave top coverage to data compiled by the Marine Corps regarding the accident rate of the Osprey MV-22, noting that it stood at 2.97 for the past 14 years, 50% higher than the rate that the GOJ cited prior to the tilt-rotor plane’s deployment at MCAS Futenma in October 2012. Noting that the Osprey accident rate, which was calculated based on the frequency of “Class A” mishaps per 100,000 flight hours, was higher than those of other Marine aircraft, the daily said the figure contradicts the central government’s explanation to Okinawa at the time that the Osprey is safer than other U.S. aircraft. The accident rate has surged in recent years with the shallow water landing in Okinawa last December and the crash in Australia in August this year. A Marine spokesperson reportedly told the daily: “Potential risks are normally associated with military airplanes. Safety steps and precautionary measures are in place at every level in order to maintain a high level of safety.” An MOD official said: “Accidents may occur for reasons other than aircraft malfunction, such as pilot error…. We ask the U.S. military to pay consideration to flight safety at all times.”   

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