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President Trump moved by story of Japanese abductees

NHK reported this morning that an unnamed senior White House official told a news conference on Tuesday that President Trump expressed strong interest in the situation of the Japanese abductees and was apparently moved when he was briefed by a senior USG official who met with families of the Japanese abductees in Washington in September. The White House official reportedly told the press that this briefing led to the President’s comment on the abduction of a 13-year-old Japanese girl referring to Megumi Yokota in his address to the United Nations in September and his planned meeting with the families of the abductees during his visit to Japan starting on Sunday. The official reportedly added that the meeting will provide a good opportunity for the President to speak directly with victims of the North Korean regime. Concerning the President’s trip to South Korea after Japan, the White House official said that the U.S. leader will not visit the DMZ due to time constraints.

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