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U.S., Japanese leaders to announce strategy on Indo-Pacific

Asahi wrote that it has learned from several GOJ sources that the governments of the U.S. and Japan are making final arrangements for President Trump and Prime Minister Abe to discuss the Abe administration’s strategy of promoting a “free and open Indo-Pacific region” and announce the idea as a shared diplomatic strategy during their upcoming summit meeting. The paper speculated that the move is intended to send a message to China, which is expanding its interests in the South and East China Seas, by promoting cooperation based on the U.S.-Japan alliance with India and Australia, with which Washington and Tokyo share common values as market economies and democracies. The paper wrote that concern over President Xi’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative is behind the move by the U.S. and Japan. The two nations are reportedly becoming increasingly concerned about China’s attempts to expand its security influence in Asia, Europe, and Africa through massive investment. The paper conjectured that the U.S. and Japanese leaders will demonstrate their leadership in establishing rules in the Asia-Pacific region and discuss specific steps in that endeavor, including a quadrilateral strategic dialogue with Australia and India.

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