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Gist of Abe’s news conference after reelection as prime minister

Fourth Abe cabinet


With a strong sense of the weight of my responsibility, I will manage the administration with humility. The economy will continue to be the top priority.


Low birth rate, aging population


Review the use of consumption tax revenues and spend 2 trillion yen for policies to reform the social security system to benefit all generations, compiling a policy package by early December.


Supplementary budget


Compile by yearend a supplementary budget for measures to strengthen agriculture, forestry, and fisheries and other policies.


North Korea situation


Apply maximum pressure to create a situation where North Korea will seek to engage in dialogue.


Constitutional revision


I do not have a predetermined schedule (to promulgate a revised constitution in 2020). We must persevere in efforts to form a broad consensus.


Appointment of BOJ governor


I have faith in Governor Kuroda’s capability. No decision has been made at all (with regard to his successor after his term ends next April).

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