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“Success” of Abe-Trump summit guaranteed

Nikkei’s website published a column by a deputy political news editor who projected that the summit meeting between President Trump and Prime Minister Abe scheduled for Monday at the Akasaka Palace will be “free of discord, friction, or rupture” because the two leaders are expected to exchange views on a range of issues, such as North Korea, strictly based on scripts prepared by their policy advisers. Conjecturing that the bilateral trade imbalance will be the only potential source of conflict between the two leaders, the columnist speculated that this issue will probably be taken up when they play golf together on Sunday, since they will only be accompanied by interpreters and any discord between them on the subject will not be publicly disclosed. The Japanese side is reportedly hoping that the formal summit on the next day will go smoothly if the premier listens to the President’s “true opinions” on the golf course.    

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