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Gist of 4th Abe cabinet’s basic policy

  • November 2, 2017
  • , Nikkei , p. 4
  • JMH Translation

The fourth Abe cabinet approved its basic policy when it met for the first time on Nov. 1. A gist of the policy follows:


<Acceleration of reconstruction efforts>

Eliminate institutional barriers between ministries and agencies and thoroughly implement an on-site approach; accelerate reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake and rebuilding of Fukushima.


<Revolution of human development>

Come up with a bold vision for the economy and society with an eye on a human lifespan of 100 years; create opportunities for people to learn again regardless of their age; encourage people to pursue their dreams regardless of their economic background; turn Japan into a country abundant in opportunities; review the use of consumption tax revenue, invest more in children and change the social welfare system in a way to benefit all generations.


<Priority on economy>

Continue to give top priority to the economy; aim to achieve a gross domestic product of 600 trillion yen, the largest since the end of World War II; strengthen the three arrows of economic policy and carry out a revolution in productivity ahead of other countries; maintain the virtuous cycle of the economy through the improvement of employment and wages to fight deflation.


<Support for child-rearing>

Achieve a desired fertility rate target of 1.8; build a society that makes it easy for people to fulfill their dreams in marriage and childbirth; increase investment in the young; shift to a double-track education system.


<Social welfare>

Reform the existing social welfare system to create a program that makes not only senior citizens but also working generations feel secure; aim to prevent caregivers from quitting their jobs; create a society in which people can work for their entire lives by putting in place a healthcare system with a focus on the introduction of preventive medicine.


<Foreign policy/security>

Work closely with countries that share with Japan common basic values including belief in democracy, human rights and the rule of law, and proactively promote a “diplomacy that takes a panoramic perspective of the world map”; work closely with the international community to deal with the North Korean issue in a resolute fashion.

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