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U.S., Japanese leaders reaffirm Henoko as only option for Futenma relocation

Ryukyu Shimpo front-paged a report saying that it learned from a briefing by the Japanese government that President Trump and Prime Minister Abe reaffirmed during their summit meeting on Monday that Henoko is the only option for Futenma relocation. Okinawa Times gave top play to a similar report, adding, however, that the two leaders did not refer to the base issue during their joint press conference. The paper claimed that the excessive base-hosting burden on Okinawa is being justified in the name of a strengthened U.S.-Japan alliance. Ryukyu Shimpo wrote that Abe commented during his meeting with the President on accidents and incidents involving U.S. military personnel by saying that it is important to address the concerns of local citizens. The paper noted that the President expressed in the press conference his gratitude to the Japanese people for warmly hosting U.S. military personnel.

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