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Gist of Japan-Russia summit on Nov. 10

The following is the gist of the Japan-Russia summit:


Northern Territories


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, President Vladimir Putin welcomed the progress made so far in concrete plans for five projects for joint economic activities on the four Northern Islands, and agreed that the two countries will hold a meeting of a bureau chief level working group before the end of 2017 and a vice ministerial meeting in early 2018 for the purpose of making concrete plans for projects without undermining the legal positions of both countries by next spring.


Abe, Putin agreed that vice ministerial talks will be held at an early date on greater freedom for the former islanders to travel to the Northern Islands, including flying to the islands to visit their families’ graves.


North Korea


Abe: The full implementation of UN Security Council resolutions is essential for achieving the common goal of the two countries to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. We hope that Russia will play a greater role.


Abe, Putin agreed to continue to cooperate closely.


Japan-Russia relations


Abe, Putin confirmed that they will make preparations for holding the Russia Year events in Japan and the Japan Year events in Russia in 2018.


Putin: I hope Prime Minister Abe will participate in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum next May.

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