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Gist of PM Abe’s remarks to reporters on Japan-Russia summit, TPP on Nov. 10

Japan-Russia summit


This was my 20th meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. We were able to hold candid and in-depth discussions. We confirmed the strict implementation of the UN Security Council sanctions resolutions against North Korea and agreed to continue to cooperate closely.


We were able to make progress on the negotiations to sign a peace treaty. We agreed to accelerate discussions for concrete plans to start five projects of joint economic activities on the four Northern Islands next spring after conducting field studies. We agreed to hold a working group meeting before the end of this year and a vice ministerial meeting in early 2018 to study the legal framework for the movement of people for these projects.


We also agreed to continue grave visits by the former islanders by air (implemented last September) next year. I would like to make steady progress on the Nagato Agreement (signed last December) ahead of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum next May. We would like to proceed step-by-step toward a solution to the issue of sovereignty over the four islands and signing a peace treaty.




The TPP 11 (excluding the U.S.) were able to reach a broad agreement at the ministerial meeting yesterday. However, Canada stated today that its leader is still not in a position to confirm the agreement at the ministerial level. While all the other leaders are ready to confirm the ministerial agreement, unfortunately, a summit meeting of the leaders of the TPP nations has been postponed.

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