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Public support for Abe cabinet improves

  • November 13, 2017
  • , TBS, Fuji TV
  • JMH Summary

TBS reported at noon on the results of its weekend opinion poll, which found that public approval for the Abe cabinet rose to 53.1%, up 4.4 points from last month, exceeding the disapproval rate of 45.8% for the first time in five months. When asked whether they would approve of Prime Minister Abe serving a third term as LDP president, 36% of the respondents expressed support and 54% did not. Support for the LDP was 35.6%, up  2.8 points, followed by the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan at 11%.


Fuji TV also reported on the results of its weekend survey, saying that public support for the Abe cabinet rose 5.2 points from last month to 47.7%, while nonsupport fell 3.9 points to 42.4%. When asked whether Abe should be reelected as the LDP president next fall, 41.5% said he should and 51.9% felt otherwise. Furthermore, 63.2% welcomed the fact that President Trump and PM Abe agreed at the U.S.-Japan summit to maximize pressure on North Korea, while 28.2% did not. Only 20.9% said they have high hopes for the Party of Hope and 73.6% said they don’t.  Regarding Tokyo Governor Koike, 17.1% said she should stay on as the party representative, while 77.6% said she should focus on her gubernatorial duties. Meanwhile, 53.1% said they have high hopes for the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, while 42.1% said they don’t. However, only 16.3% said the CDPJ will be able to take over the reins of government, while 74.5% felt otherwise.

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