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International media voice mixed opinions on Trump’s Asian tour

The international media reported extensively on President Donald Trump’s visit to the Asian countries. They were divided on the outcome of this trip.


The Chinese media voiced favorable views. The Chinese magazine Caijing commented in its online edition: “A competitive cooperative relationship between China and the U.S. has begun,” indicating its expectations for the two countries to look for ways to pursue a “win-win” relationship in light of China’s rise.


Singapore’s The Straits Times carried the comments of experts noting the opening up of prospects for the U.S.’s continued engagement with Asia.


On the other hand, the U.S. media were critical of the Asian strategy announced by Trump. The Washington Post pointed out that the 11 TPP members’ reaching a basic agreement was a “reaction to widespread uncertainty about America’s role in Asia.”


The Wall Street Journal commented that Trump’s speech at the APEC Summit, which appended the “America First” policy to the U.S.’s commitment on its engagement with Asia, “disappointed America’s friends and gave China new opportunities.”


South Korean JoongAng Daily pointed to the possibility that the U.S. and North Korea might be engaged in backdoor negotiations. It called attention to Trump’s tweet on “trying hard” to be North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un’s “friend.”

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