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San Francisco city assembly adopts resolution on comfort women statues

  • November 15, 2017
  • , Asahi, Sankei digital
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Asahi and Sankei reported online that the San Francisco city assembly unanimously adopted on Tuesday a resolution to accept the donation of three comfort women statues, a monument, and money for their maintenance from a group of Chinese-Americans. The statues, which were erected by the group in September, will become the property of the city as.a result of the adoption of the resolution. The ownership of the land on which the statues stand was transferred from private hands to the city in mid-October. Mayor Yoshimura of Osaka, which has a sister city relationship with San Francisco, has stated: “The inscription on the monument saying, ‘Hundreds of thousands of women were forced to work as sex slaves,’ runs counter to the view of the Japanese government. Osaka will end its sister city ties with San Francisco if the statues are put in a public place.” Asahi wrote that it has become increasingly likely that the sister city ties between the two municipalities will be terminated. Sankei added that the donation will be automatically accepted by the city unless Mayor Lee vetoes the resolution within 10 days of the notification from the assembly. The group has offered the city about $208,000 as maintenance fees for at least 20 years. San Francisco will be the third American city to erect a comfort woman statue in a public place following Glendale in California and Brookhaven in Georgia. Yoshimura sounded out Lee on holding a meeting in November, but the San Francisco mayor declined. He reiterated his request to meet with his American counterpart in December. Yoshimura has said that he will make a decision on whether to end the sister city relationship by the end of December if Lee declines to meet with him.

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