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LDP constitutional revision headquarters agree on amending Articles 47, 92

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Headquarters for the Promotion of Revision to the Constitution agreed at a plenary meeting on Nov. 16 to amend Articles 47 and 92 of the Constitution to eliminate House of Councillors constituencies straddling two prefectures. It is proposing to add provisions stipulating that each prefecture has to elect at least one representative in the Upper House elections held every three years.


The LDP cited four issues on which it will propose constitutional revisions in its campaign pledges in the recent House of Representatives election, and this is the first time that a concrete policy direction has been decided. The party is aiming at drafting the proposed provisions before the end of this year.


Article 47 says: “Electoral districts, method of voting and other matters pertaining to the method of election of members of both Houses shall be fixed by law.” A proposal was presented at the meeting to add a provision to the effect that, “The law can stipulate that at least one representative shall be elected from each broad-area local public entity in every Upper House election.”


Article 92 stipulates, “Regulations concerning organization and operations of local public entities shall be fixed by law in accordance with the principle of local autonomy.” It does not define “public entities.” Therefore, the LDP is aiming at adding provisions to Article 92 on two levels of public entities, with municipalities as “basic” local government entities and prefectures as “broad-area” entities. (Abridged)

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