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ConGen Naha to offer full scholarships for studying in the U.S.

The U.S. Consulate General in Okinawa will offer scholarships that will not require repayment to high school students in Okinawa to study abroad. These scholarships will cover all the expenses for studying in the U.S. except for pocket money, including travel expenses and homestays. They will be offered to four Okinawan high school students starting in summer 2018. Details and application procedures will be posted shortly on the Consulate General’s official website.


This was announced by Consul General Joel Ehrendreich at a news conference held on Nov. 16 at Camp Courtney in Uruma City. The “Ambassador Scholarship” is being created after U.S. Ambassador William Hagerty took up post last August.


The main purpose of this program is to support students who would like to study abroad but have to give up due to financial difficulties. Therefore, English proficiency will not be the only selection criterion and scholarships will be granted based on an overall assessment of the students’ enthusiasm, financial needs, and other factors.


The Consulate General is calling on students to apply. It wants to give many of them an opportunity to take up the challenge without worrying about financial resources.

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