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Family of woman murdered by U.S. serviceman in 2006 reaches out-of-court settlement

Saturday morning’s Asahi wrote that the family of the Japanese victim of a murder committed by a Yokosuka-based U.S. sailor in 2006 accepted on Friday a USG offer for an out-of-court settlement. The USG will reportedly pay about 28 million yen in “condolence money,” which is only 40% of the 65 million yen in compensation that the Japanese court ordered the service member to pay in a civil suit. Under the SOFA, the USG pays compensation to Japanese victims of off-duty incidents and accidents caused by U.S. service members who are deemed incapable of paying. The remainder of the compensation will be borne by the Japanese government in accordance with the 1996 SACO accord. In accepting the out-of-court settlement, the family also grudgingly acceded to a USG demand that the sailor, who is currently imprisoned in the United States, be given “permanent immunity.”

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