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Party of Hope to compile proposed amendments to security laws

Kibo no To [Party of Hope] has begun work to compile proposed amendments to the security laws. These proposals are expected to apply stricter conditions for authorizing the exercise of the right to collective self-defense, such as by adding geographical requirements. This party wants to show that it adopts a “realistic line” in foreign and security policies, while also leaving room for party members critical of the security legislation to compromise.


In his representative interpellation on Nov. 20, party leader Yuichiro Tamaki announced the party’s plan to submit proposed amendments. He has instructed policy research committee chief Akihisa Nagashima to start discussions inside the party before the end of this month in preparation for submitting bills in the second half of the regular Diet session next year.


Tamaki and Nagashima plan to add geographical requirements, such as a contingency in Japan’s periphery, as a condition for recognizing a “survival-threatening situation.” While maintaining the party’s pragmatic line, it also wants to differentiate itself from the Liberal Democratic Party.


The two leaders also want to bridge their gap with House of Representatives member Hiroshi Ogushi and others who are critical of the security legislation. These lawmakers who were involved with submitting a bill to revoke the security laws when they were in the Democratic Party continue to reject the security laws, including the right to collective self-defense. They have major differences with the party leadership, so the process of compiling proposed amendments may be tricky. (Slightly abridged)

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