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Treasury Department announces additional sanctions against North Korea

NHK reported this morning that the Treasury Department announced on Tuesday that it will freeze the assets of 13 additional entities, including Chinese firms, and one Chinese individual in the U.S. that helped North Korea obtain foreign currency. Among the entities targeted are three Chinese firms that have engaged in trade with North Korea worth about 84 billion yen in total over the past four years through August this year and a Chinese firm that is connected with a North Korean organization involved in weapons of mass destruction. Sanctions were also imposed on 20 additional North Korean ships. The network quoted Secretary Mnuchin as saying in a statement: “We are steadfast in our determination to maximize economic pressure to isolate North Korea from outside sources of trade.” The network added that the Trump administration is set to further strengthen the pressure on North Korea following its relisting of the nation as a state sponsor of terrorism, saying that the move is also aimed at urging China to take further actions against the DPRK.

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