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Rengo chairman says his organization is closest to Democratic Party

On Nov. 22, Democratic Party (DP) leader Kohei Otsuka met with Rengo (Japan Trade Union Confederation) Chairman Rikio Kozu in Tokyo. Otsuka called for continued support for the party by saying, “We would like to manage the party through close discussions with Rengo.”  With regard to Rengo’s relationship with the the DP, the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDPJ), and the Party of Hope, Kozu responded, “We take into consideration maintaining an equidistant relationship with them, but our original relationship is with the DP and among the three, we maintain the closest relationship with the DP.”


After the meeting, Otsuka told reporters, “We will continue to work hard to gain Rengo’s support.” Meanwhile, Kozu noted, “We need to gauge the policies and principles” of the CDPJ and the Party of Hope.

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