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Abe’s message to Nippon Kaigi pledges to achieve “historic mission” of constitutional revision

Nippon Kaigi (Japan Conference), a conservative group waging a campaign for constitutional revision, and the “Discussion Group of Nippon Kaigi Diet Members” held a meeting on Nov. 27 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the two organizations’ founding. A message from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was read out at the meeting which stated: “The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) will play a leading role in the discussions at the Diet’s Commissions on the Constitution to achieve its historic mission of constitutional revision.” While Abe did not specify what he meant by “historic mission,” it is reckoned that he was referring to the realization of constitutional revision, which is one of the LDP’s basic policies.


Last May, Abe had proposed in a video message to a group affiliated with Nippon Kaigi to add a constitutional provision on the Self-Defense Forces and promulgate an amended constitution in 2020. In his message read out by the emcee at the meeting on Nov. 27, Abe stated: “This year marks the 70th anniversary of the effectuation of the constitution. A constitution is a vision of the future and a statement of ideals. I hope for the deepening of the national debate.”


The meeting elected LDP House of Representatives Committee on Rules and Administration Chairman Keiji Furuya as the chair of the Discussion Group of Nippon Kaigi Diet Members. Former Education Minister Hakubun Shimomura, who serves as adviser to the LDP Headquarters for the Promotion of Revision to the Constitution, stressed that with regard to the four constitutional revision issues the LDP is debating, “we will make efforts to submit motions to the regular Diet session next year, in order to draw up a constitution befitting Japan.”


Party of Hope House of Councillors member Shigefumi Matsuzawa and Nippon Ishin [Japan Innovation Party] Secretary General Nobuyuki Baba also indicated their party’s cooperation with the constitutional debate.

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