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National Cancer Center forms anticancer drug R&D consortium with five Asian institutions

  • November 28, 2017
  • , Nikkei , p. 40
  • JMH Translation

The National Cancer Center (NCC) announced on Nov. 27 that it has formed a consortium for the development of anticancer drugs with research institutions in China (Hong Kong), South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore. This venture aims at accelerating the development of new drugs for gastric, liver, and other cancers common among Asians. The consortium will also promote genome medicine, which helps determine the optimal treatment through genome analysis.


The new consortium will consist of the NCC, the Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Medicine, the Prince of Wales Hospital, the Seoul National University Hospital, the National Taiwan University Hospital, and the Singapore National Cancer Centre. These institutions are all hubs for the development of anticancer drugs.


They will cooperate in promoting joint international clinical tests and strengthen ties with pharmaceutical companies, as well as promote the development of new drugs for rare types of cancer.


The first project of the consortium will be clinical tests starting in 2018 for new drugs for the treatment of gastric and other solid cancers developed by two Japanese and foreign pharmaceutical companies.


NCC Vice President Yasuhiro Fujiwara says that “Asia, not Europe and America, should lead the development of drugs for gastric, liver, biliary tract, and other cancers.”

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