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Upper and Lower Houses to adopt resolution to condemn North Korea’s missile launch

The ruling and opposition parties agreed on Nov. 29 to adopt Diet resolutions to condemn North Korea’s latest ballistic missile launch. Coordination by the parties is underway for the Lower House to adopt a resolution on Dec. 5 and the Upper House on Dec. 6.


The secretaries general of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and the junior coalition partner Komeito met and affirmed a plan for both houses to adopt a resolution condemning the missile launch as “extremely regrettable” at a plenary session of the two houses. Later, LDP Diet Affairs Committee Chairman Hiroshi Moriyama and his Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan counterpart Kiyomi Tsujimoto intermittently discussed and agreed to adopt the resolutions as soon as possible. Moriyama told the press, “It is extremely regrettable that North Korea launched a missile and the Diet needs to resolutely respond to the launch.”


In the meantime, as a result of discussions among six opposition parties and parliamentary groups, Tsujimoto called for holding an intensive deliberation on the North Korea issue at sessions of the Budget Committees.


In response, Moriyama told Tsujimoto that it would be difficult to schedule an intensive deliberation as the the Special Diet Session is set to end on Dec. 8. Moriyama and Tsujimoto will continue to discuss the matter.

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