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Gist of Abe-Trump teleconference on North Korea’s missile launch, Nov. 29

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: This missile launch that threatens the security of both Japan and the U.S. is absolutely unacceptable. We would like to respond to this through Japan-U.S. and Japan-U.S.-ROK unity. It was a wise decision that you redesignated North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. This was an important step in increasing pressure (on North Korea) continuously.


President Donald Trump: We are seriously concerned by North Korea’s missile launch. It is necessary to apply even stronger pressure.


Abe, Trump agreed that it is important for China to play a greater role. Japan and the U.S. will coordinate closely on containing the North Korean threat with the Japan-U.S. alliance, enhancing the alliance’s response capabilities, and increasing pressure. Japan, the U.S., and the ROK will cooperate closely in the United Nations.

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