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LDP headquarters to summarize constitutional revision issues before end of 2017

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Headquarters for the Promotion of Revision to the Constitution (chaired by Hiroyuki Hosoda) held an executive meeting at the party headquarters on Nov. 29 to discuss how to conduct the constitutional debate and the schedule for its work. It was agreed that the points raised in the discussion so far on the four constitutional revision issues, including a provision on the Self-Defense Forces (SDF), will be summarized and presented to the next plenary meeting to be held before the end of this year.


A plenary meeting of the headquarters on Nov. 28 held its second round of discussions on four issues: free education; constitutional provision on the SDF; response to emergencies; and election system reform, including the elimination of House of Councillors districts straddling two prefectures. The executive meeting agreed that “the points raised should be summarized to gauge the reaction inside and outside the party.”


The headquarters has drafted constitutional revision proposals on free education and elimination of combined Upper House districts, which have been discussed.


On the other hand, opinions in the party are divided over the constitutional provision on the SDF and emergency response, so no draft proposal has been drawn up. The planned summary is expected to include various proposals on these two issues.


The LDP had originally planned to draw up constitutional amendment proposals within this year, but has to give up on this plan due to the difficulty of building a consensus and the delay caused by the House of Representatives election. It is believed that a summary of the discussions so far is being presented out of concern that the debate may stagnate and the momentum for constitutional revision may die down.

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