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Suga says North Korean launched new type of ICBM

NHK reported that Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga told a press conference this morning that the ballistic missile North Korea fired on Wednesday was a new ballistic missile different from the ICBM that was fired in July given its round-shaped warhead. Concerning the disclosure of photos of the missile launch by North Korea, Suga said: “We are analyzing various information both comprehensively and expertly. We will work with the United States and South Korea and continue to carry out surveillance activities and collect information with a sense of urgency.” Suga also reportedly said: “At this point, considering its flight distance and altitude, and the fact that North Korea announced that it was a new ‘Hwasong-15’ missile and its warhead was round-shaped, we believe it was a new type of ICBM different from the ICBM fired twice in July.”



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