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Japan’s upper house adopts resolution slamming N. Korea ICBM test

  • December 4, 2017
  • , Kyodo News , 1:48 p.m.
  • English Press

TOKYO — Japan’s upper house adopted a resolution Monday condemning North Korea’s latest test-launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile that fell into the sea within Japan’s exclusive economic zone last week.


The resolution, which unanimously passed the plenary session of the House of Councillors, also called on the Japanese government to beef up its unilateral sanctions on Pyongyang.


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Japan “will not tolerate such a reckless act and never yield to any provocation,” pledging to raise pressure on North Korea “to the maximum level.”


The resolution described the ICBM launch as North Korea’s “demonstration of its intention to continue nuclear and missile developments and head-on challenge to international society.”


North Korea claimed Wednesday it had successfully fired its new and “most powerful” ICBM capable of striking anywhere in the United States with a nuclear warhead.


The Diet resolution said the North’s missile launch posed a grave and imminent threat to the region, including Japan, and undermined the peace and security of the international community.


It urged Pyongyang to stop all of its provocations and fully implement relevant U.N. Security Council resolutions that demand the North abandon its nuclear and missile developments.


The resolution also called on Tokyo to prepare for contingencies and take necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of the Japanese people.


Pyongyang said Wednesday through its official media its new Hwasong-15 missile reached an altitude of 4,475 kilometers and covered a distance of 950 km after flying for 53 minutes. The House of Representatives, or lower house, is also expected to adopt a similar resolution on Tuesday.

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