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Outline of gov’t’s 2 trillion yen package for education, childcare support

  • December 5, 2017
  • , Sankei , Lead story
  • JMH Translation

The details of the draft 2 trillion yen policy package to be approved by the cabinet on Dec. 8 were announced on Dec. 4.


The following is the outline of the policy package:


  • Partial implementation of policies for free preschool education starting from April 2019, with full implementation from April 2020.


  • An additional monthly wage increase of about 3,000 yen for childcare workers from April 2019, on top of the increase recommended by the National Personnel Authority for the current fiscal year.


  • Free higher education to be limited to low-income households; free national university tuition for households exempted from residence tax; tuition reduction for private universities equivalent to the tuition fee of national universities, plus a certain amount of additional reduction based on the average tuition fee of private universities; exemption from admission fees for first year students.


  • De facto free tuition for private high schools to be discussed further.


  • Allocate 100 billion yen for a monthly wage increase of 80,000 yen for nursing care workers who have served continuously for over 10 years. (Abridged)
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