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NPA report refers to possibility of terrorist attack in Japan

  • December 5, 2017
  • , Asahi , p. 37
  • JMH Translation

On Dec. 4, the National Police Agency released the 2017 edition of its “review and outlook for public security,” an annual report that analyzes domestic and international public security situations. As terrorist attacks have repeatedly taken place around the world, in which the “Islamic State” (IS) is believed to have played a role, the report warns, “The possibility cannot be denied that a terrorist attack may happen in Japan too.”


This year, the IS has lost many of the areas under its control, including Mosul [in northern Iraq]. However, the report says, “The extremist group is calling for its supporters all over the world to carry out terrorist attacks.” Citing the actual attacks that took place in Manchester in the UK and New York in the U.S., the report points out the possibility that foreign combatants of the IS may return to their countries or go to a third country to launch an attack.


The NPA report explains that some people in Japan say they touch base with people involved in the IS or express their support for the IS. The report also quotes Al Qaeda’s document as calling for ts members to “attack U.S. interests in non-Islamic countries,” so Japan could become a target because the country hosts many U.S. military bases.

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