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Japan rejects UN Command meeting on DPRK

  • December 6, 2017
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All papers took up press remarks on Tuesday by Foreign Minister Kono, who disclosed that Japan turned down a proposal made jointly by the U.S. and Canada on holding in December a meeting of the United Nations Command that would include South Korea, Japan, and other nations to discuss North Korea’s nuclear and missile provocations. Kono said Japan rejected the offer on the grounds that such a meeting would overlap with the UN Security Council ministerial meeting on North Korea that Japan plans to chair on Dec. 15. The GOJ is reportedly doubtful about taking a conciliatory approach toward Pyongyang as advocated by Secretary of State Tillerson and his Canadian counterpart Freeland, expressing concern that the proposal could disrupt the international community’s consensus on maximizing pressure on the defiant regime. Kono suggested that a UN Command meeting would not be appropriate since some of its members, such as Ethiopia and Colombia, are not direct parties to the Korean Peninsula situation geographically. Mainichi speculated that a UN command meeting may be convened in January or later.


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