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Supra-partisan policy forum of Rengo-endorsed Diet members to launch in early 2018

Rengo (Japan Trade Union Confederation) held a meeting of its central committee in Tokyo on Dec. 5 where it announced that a new body, “Rengo Forum” (tentative name), will be created early next year for Diet members endorsed by Rengo and other politicians to discuss labor and other policies across party boundaries. This is a step being taken in light of the breakup of the Democratic Party (DP) supported by Rengo for the purpose of lobbying for policies advocated by the labor group. Members of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDPJ), the Party of Hope, and the DP endorsed by Rengo in the House of Representatives election last October are expected to join this forum.


In his opening remarks to the central committee, Rengo Chairman Rikio Kozu said: “We would like to realize the policies Rengo is seeking by building a network of Lower and Upper House members across party boundaries.”

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